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Volunteer Committees

Check out the many committees below that make up the Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cook-off. Sign-up Genius volunteer forms are sent out, closer to the events, for you to sign up and volunteer but below you can see a preview of all our areas that need volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities, come join us.

BBQ COOK-OFF COMMITTEE - Volunteers for the BBQ Cook-off consist of people helping with check-in, working ticket gates, running ice to teams, working in the information tents, helping with setup and tear down and so much more.

BANNERS - Volunteers for this group are responsible for the installation and the taking down of each banner and properly storing them for the following year.

COWBOY CAMP COMMITTEE - Responsible for working at Cowboy Camp during both rodeo performances. Cowboy camp is located behind the arena, in contestant parking, and is a place for all the cowboys and cowgirls to get a meal and rest for a bit. Volunteers work here to help cowboys/cowgirls get the items they need and show our true hospitality.

GATES COMMITTEE - These volunteers help with protecting the integrity of the various locked gates, etc. EX: Responsible for manning all outer perimeter gates at the cook off that allow our volunteers, visitors and cookers into and out of the BBQ Cook-Off. We also need volunteers to man gates at the Rodeo performances to be sure that all spectators enter and exit through the correct gates.

GUEST SERVICES COMMITTEE - Responsible for staffing our Information Tent and assisting our guests with locating cooker tents at BBQ, Rodeo events, lost and found, phone re-charging station, medical needs and any questions our visitors have to ensure an enjoyable family friendly event.

KIDS Q COMMITTEE - Responsible for the planning, organizing and facilitating our Kids Cook during the BBQ Cook-Off. Volunteers will be helping during the Kids Q with all the little cookers, facilitating the judging, etc.

SANITATION/RECYCLING COMMITTEE - Volunteers help with maintaining a clean atmosphere for spectators along with cleaning up the event grounds after each event. This committee does have the help of local high school ROTC groups but we need adults to help get the job done.

SENSORY NIGHT - Volunteers are need to assist guest during sensory night - which is always the Thursday night prior to the regular rodeo performances. On this night the rodeo producer runs what is called Slack, which is where the rodeo events take place but without all the noices, music and announcers, etc. We open this night to those with sensory issues that want to see the rodeo but can not handle all the noices, etc.

TICKETING COMMITTEE - Volunteers work at both the Rodeo and BBQ Cook-Off, working the ticket booths. These booths need to be manned constantly so a steady stream of volunteers is necessary.

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