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Kids Events at the Rodeo

The Humble Rodeo isn't just for the grown-ups, we offer a some opportunities for kids compete at each rodeo performance. For 2022 the Humble Rodeo will bring the below additional competitions:

Calf Scramble

One of the most exciting events at the Humble Rodeo is the calf scramble.We offer a calf scramble for those in 4H and FFA classes.The calf scramble competition is where a heard of calves, and a larger group of kids, are let loose in the arena.The kids try to catch, halter and coax the calf back to the center of the arena.With FFA and 4H kids darting in every direction across the large arena, the calf scramble becomes a huge competition with fans, in the stands, cheering all the kids on.

Chute Dogging

Chute dogging is a rodeo event related to steer wrestling, in which the steer used weighs between 400 and 500 pounds (180 and 230 kg). However, the competitor starts the event in a roping chute with the steer as opposed to grabbing onto the steer from horseback. The steer must be wrestled within 60 seconds.

Muttin Bustin

Love to watch the thrill of the ride?Love to watch bronc riding, bull riding and hope they can hold on, then hold on to your hat because Mutton Bustin is a BLAST to watch.One of the highlights of the Humble Rodeo, children (minimum age of 5 and weighing no more than 50 pounds) do their best to ride and hold onto a runaway sheep for as long as they possibly can.All competitors wear helmets and safety gear to help protect them during their ride.
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