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Cookers Information


The Humble BBQ Cook Off is a KCBS Sanctioned event, judging will be handled and monitored by KCBS.

Rules for Teams with Multiple Entries

A). Each Paid Entry have their own un-shared cooker.
B). Each Paid Entry have their own un-shared ice chest.
C). Each Paid Entry have their own preparation table. *

Exception If a prep table is shared, there will be:
A). Signage to show the whom the area is being used by.
B). A definite Barrier the full depth of the table being shared
and at least 1’ high across the table as not to all ANY product to
be passed or shared.

Registration for Cook Off


Registration for 2021 has begun!

  • Head Cooks must initial each page of the 2021 BBQ Rules and return them to Sabrina Sosa, Cooks Captain, at sabrina@humblerodeo.com before their cook spot will be secured.
  • Head cooks must have cook team members sign a copy of the 2021 Release of Liability and turn in as they enter the gates of the event.
  • Alcohol Management information needs to be reviewed and followed by all parties.
  • Margarita Contest will be happening Friday, January 29, 2021.

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