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Muttin Bustin


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  1. The participant and at least one parent/guardian will need to check in at the front ticket gates no later than 6:10 PM of the night he/she is scheduled to ride. Once everyone arrives we will meet under the tent in front for information and questions.
  2. At approximately 6:30 PM, we will go as a group following the Chick fil a cow to a reserved section of the arena where participants and parents/guardians will remain until the Mutton Bustin’ event occurs at approximately 8:00 PM each night. Afterwards child and family may return to reserved section or sit elsewhere.
  3. Ticket admission will be provided at no charge to the participant and one additional family member. All other family members must obtain a ticket for admission.
  4. One parent/guardian must be with the child at all times.
  5. Only one parent will be allowed in the arena during the event.
  6. The Mutton Bustin’ event will be judged according to distance traveled on the sheep and quality of the ride. All children participating will receive a trophy.
  7. The dates of the rodeo are Friday, February 4th, and Saturday, February 5th, 2022 .
  8. Confirmation of participation will be made by e-mail prior to the event.


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  1. The first opportunity to register for Mutton Bustin’ for 2022 will be announced. Rodeo committee & sponsors will be allowed to register the week prior to the joint mtg.
  2. If all places are not filled at the joint meeting, we will continue with opportunities to register until all positions are filled for each night.
  3. Your child will be weighed at this time to ensure he/she weighs no more than 50 pounds and must be a minimum of 5 years old.
  4. A picture will be taken of your child at that time to ensure the same child shows for the Mutton Bustin’ event in February. We would also like to use the picture of your child for a poster for the event nights.
  5. Registration will be completed by the order of sign-up for either Friday or Saturday night of the rodeo. Only 14 entries for each night will be allowed. One alternate will be allowed.
  6. A $20 non-refundable entry fee with an entry form for the Humble ISD Education Foundation will be collected at the time of registration with the exception of the alternate.

The alternate will pay only if moved into a participant position.

If you have questions, please contact either:

- Mona Getz @ or
- Tana Nelson @
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