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Kids Q

2021 Humble BBQ Cook-Off Kids Q Contest

Kids Q Cook-Off is an great event for kids. It is a chance for kids to show of the skills they have learned from watching their parent BBQ! Kids Q is open to boys and girls, 5-10 years of age and 11-15 years of age. Parents should enter via the sign-up on our website and pay the $25 entry fee for each child entered. There will be 20 entries per age group, for a maximum of 40 total entries. The first 20 entries per age group will be able to cook.

Please fill out one entry form per entry.

Please use parent name in Personal Information.

Questions contact:
  • David Allison - firefighter7220@gmail.com - Kids-Q Captain
  • Robert Comstock - robertc@humblerodeo.com - Vice President

2021 Kids Q Rules

  1. This is a Kids Bar-B-Q cook-off. Age Groups 5-10 and 11-15.
  2. Parents should enter via sign-up on our website and pay a $25.00 entry fee for each child entered.
  3. There will be 20 entries per age group for a maximum of 40 total entries. The first 20 entries registered per age group will be able to cook.
  4. Each child cooking must have adult supervision with them at all times. We will only be allowed to have one (1) adult present.
  5. Each entry will receive one child's and one adult's entry into the Humble BBQ Cook Off.
  6. You will be provided with a grill, charcoal, and meat to be cooked. For the main competition two pork chops will be provided to each contestant . If they are participating in the open, which is optional, the cooker provides everything and the entry must be prepared onsite. No prep at home. The open can be anything except pork and dessert.You provide the good time & tasty turn-ins.
    • Cookers will need to bring their own cooking utensils, ie; knives, tongs, spatulas etc. Cookers are allowed, and encouraged, to use their own "special" seasonings and marinades. Sauce and mops may be used during cooking. Sauces must be cooked on, not poured on for presentation. No sauces or garnishes may be added to the judging container.
  7. Parents may only start fire and/or cut meat with knife if necessary.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Child’s Parent to see that the contest area is kept clean, both during and after the contest.
    This is extremely important for everyone’s SAFETY.
    Failure to do so could result in being disqualified from competition.
  9. There will be a dumpster provided to dispose of trash and a separate receptacle for hot coals.

Registration Information

Entry Fee: $25

Age Groups: 5-10 and 11-15

Limited to the first 40 entries (20 per age group)


Please read the rules below prior to registering for the Kids Q.
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