Humble BBQ Jan 27-28 & Rodeo Feb 3-4, 2023
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Tickets for 2023 will go on sale in November 2022

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Covid Protocols

The Humble Rodeo & BBQ Cook-Off follows COVID protocols based on directives from the State of Texas and the City of Humble during the two-weekend event. While following Governor Abbott's orders (found below), for outdoor events, on social distancing; masking; hand sanitizing; along with other protocols, and with the guidance of The City of Humble, and the Fire Marshall, the Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cook-Off have agreed upon and will be implementing the following COVID Protocols:

BBQ Cook-Off – January 29-30, 2021:

BBQ Cook Teams and Vendors:

  • The maximum capacity within each tent is 1 person per every 7 square feet under normal conditions. Per the Governor’s Order GA-32, limiting capacity to 50% due to Covid-19 related concerns, each tent will be limited to 1 person per ever 14 square feet.
    • The workers or staff members of each tent will be excluded from the number total.
    • Each enclosed Tent square footage is not inclusive of bar, food service and stage areas. This area will be subtracted from the total area square footage.
  • Any cook team with open space (no walls and/or no roof) within their allotted space, will be limited to State and County Mandate’s and Executive Orders for social distancing.
  • It will be the responsibility of each tent to maintain the occupancy at the acceptable level as described on their Occupant Load Certificate.
  • The Humble Rodeo Safety Committee will be tasked to ensure the tents are following the rules set forth.
  • All enclosed tents must mandate and monitor the wearing of Masks during the occupancy of their tents.

BBQ Committee:

  • Will do their due diligence to ensure all guidelines are followed.
  • Will give warnings to cook teams not following guidelines.Removal will be requested if, upon request, request are not met.
  • Will provide hand washing / sanitizing stations throughout the BBQ grounds.

BBQ Spectators:

  • Spectators will be required to abide by capacity limitations set forth and understand that if a tent's capacity has met its limit, they will be unable to enter the tent until space is available.
  • The process will be monitored and enforced by each cook team tent.
  • Humble Rodeo & BBQ Committee recommends wearing a mask but, as this is an outdoor event, a mask will not be required to enter the grounds. We recommend you have a mask, as it may be required to enter a private tent.
  • Spectators riding the shuttle bus will be required to wear a mask for the ride's duration.
  • There will be hand-sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit gates of the venue.

Humble Rodeo – February 5-6, 2021:

Rodeo Committee:

  • Will maintain a maximum capacity of 50% in arena during the rodeo.
  • Will maintain a maximum capacity of 50% on the arena floor during the concert.
  • Will maintain a maximum capacity of 50% in the expo hall at any one time.
  • Will require face mask to enter the facility.
  • Will provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

Rodeo Spectators:

  • Spectators will be required to abide by the 50% capacity of the arena during the rodeo and will be gracious when instructed to sit on the north or south side of the arena to help with maintaining the 50% guidelines per side.
  • Will be required to wear a mask while entering the facility.
  • Will follow proper social distancing while sitting in the stands or moving around the pavilion.
  • Spectators riding the shuttle bus will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the ride.

The above Covid Protocol has been agreed upon by The City of Humble, the Fire Marshall and the Executive Board of the Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cook-Off for the 2021 year as of the evening of January 27, 2021.

As the situation with the 2021 Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cook-off remains fluid, changes will continue to be made to ensure the event is following health and safety protocols directed by the State of Texas, Harris County, the City of Humble, and the Fire Marshall.

Shuttle Bus Transportation Covid Protocol

Free shuttle service will run from Humble High School to the Humble Civic Center for both weekends of events. Please abide by the following guidelines set forth by the Humble ISD Transportation Dept:

  • Transportation will not allow no more than 2 passengers per seat on school buses. To assist with maintaining proper social distancing on the school bus, individuals residing in the same household are encouraged to sit together, while all other passengers should sit in individual seats.
  • All passengers over the age of 10 must wear a face mask to cover both nose and mouth. Passengers are required to provide their own facial coverings.
  • Each bus will have a hand sanitizer dispenser available inside the door and passengers are encouraged to use upon boarding the bus.
  • In between runs as possible, drivers will utilize spray disinfectant and wipes on highly touched surfaces such as handrails and seat tops.

Governor Abbott's order dated October 14, 202

an excerpt, as it pertains to outdoor events, from Governor Abbott's order,

  • 3. Except as provided below by paragraph No. 5, there is no occupancy limit for outdoor areas, events, and establishments, with the exception of the following outdoor areas, events, or establishments that may operate at no more than 75 or 50 percent, as applicable, of the normal operating limits as determined by the owner:
    • amusement parks;
    • water parks;
    • swimming pools;
    • museums and libraries; and
    • zoos, aquariums, natural caverns, and similar facilities.
  • 4. All indoor and outdoor professional, collegiate, and similar sporting events, including rodeos and equestrian events, shall remain limited to 50 percent of the normal operating limits as determined by the owner.
  • 5. For any outdoor gathering in excess of 10 people, including rafting, tubing, and related services, other than those set forth above in paragraph Nos. 1, 3, or 4, the gathering is prohibited unless the mayor of the city in which the gathering is held, or the county judge in the case of a gathering in an unincorporated area, approves of the gathering, and such approval can be made subject to certain conditions or restrictions not inconsistent with this executive order.
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Tickets for 2023 will go on sale in November 2022